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To take part in the celebration of love between couples, families and children is the most amazing thing I could ever have envisaged for my career. To share your dreams and help put together your day is pure enjoyment. From the initial meeting to the saying of I dos I will guide you through a journey full of happiness, joy, and love. Welcome to I Do You Do We Do, I am a South Wales based Award Winning Celebrant and Wedding Planner.

I Do

Actually it’s all about you

This section is all about me, but rest assured if you book any services with I Do You Do We Do it will be all about you and your wedding wishes. My name is Ailsa Grindlay, and I am a trained award winning Celebrant and Wedding Planner and a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.

To take part in the celebration of love between couples, families and children is the most amazing thing I could ever have envisaged for my career. To share your dreams and help you put together your day is pure enjoyment. I want to make your dreams come true.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I am always happy to talk and respond to any of your unanswered questions. The first meeting is completely no-obligation. I always recommend that you should speak to your celebrant or wedding planner before booking them.

Below are some wonderful videos of weddings I have been part of and officiated.

Ceremony for Jade & Geraint
Oldwalls Gower

Videography by Marc Smith

Ceremony for Sian & Paddy
Black Mountain Barns

Videography by Adam Flynn

Ceremony for Rosanna & Jamie
Almonry Barn

Videography by StoryBox Films

Why Choose Me

The winners represent the industry’s gold standard that work tirelessly to meet the demands of the couples and their guests. The awards showcased some of the best wedding specialists that operate in the industry, whose excellence and commitment brought them at the forefront of the industry. I am proud to have achieved such accolades.

“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for being the celebrant at our wedding Ailsa. You were more than anything I could of asked for, professional, fun, friendly and so gorgeous! I loved every minute of it and will always look back at our ceremony with smiles, laughter, and absolute joy. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to wed us and i’m so grateful you were apart of our special day.”

Farrah CW

“Ailsa made our experience a dream. Zoom calls to Australia to go over everything with us, always texting away to make sure. I was nervous to say my vows on the day but with Ailsa she settled me right down and made sure I could say it no problem. We are so grateful. Thank you so much”

Jessica Leigh Rees


Creating your dream wedding just for you!

As a celebrant, I perform and help you create your dream ceremony, designed and tailored just for you. I will work individually with you to make sure every tiny detail is perfect.

Whether you get married on a beach, in a garden, or a location abroad, I will create a bespoke ceremony for you. I am part of your big day, so you need to feel a connection with me!



Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale…

I am here to help create that perfect day and to complete that story. Traditionally weddings are held in churches, licensed venues for marriages like hotels or a registry office, but with a celebrant your options are limitless.

There are no limitations on what we can do to make your day perfect. I will personally sit with you; spend quality time running through all your dreams and visions of your day. Your ceremony will be tailored specifically for you and your loved ones, made completely unique to reflect your own beliefs and values with that special sparkle.

Working with you to create a day to remember, we can offer you unlimited choices to choose the location, time and the freedom to create your own unique ceremony.

From a candlelit midnight service in woodlands to a dawn wedding on the beach, I will work with your inspirations to help you create a wedding you’ll truly remember. At I Do You Do We Do we want your day to be the way you picture it and this way we can do exactly that!

Spiritual Ceremonies

There is no limit to ceremonies; you can choose to celebrate anything. That is the wonderful thing about celebrants we are here to conduct and help you create a ceremony for any important event in your life.

Here are a few examples: Baby Shower, Adoption, Birthdays, New gender identity, Citizenship, Anniversaries, Graduation, Recovery, First words, House warming, Becoming of age, Retirement and more!

Handfasting is an ancient marriage ritual that is becoming increasingly popular with modern couples. The ceremony involves a couple’s hands being placed together and bound with ribbon or cord. Handfasting is so old that its origins can’t be certain. It’s been a tradition for many thousands of years and has been traced back to Celtic and Druid ceremonies. It may even be where the phrases ‘tying the knot’ and ‘bound for life’ originate.

A unique handfasting ceremony will be a beautiful and memorable event that will set you and your partner on the path to your future together.

Talk to us today and we will help you create a totally unique, bespoke ceremony taking into account your beliefs, your personality and character.

A sand ceremony is simple yet meaningful, easily customised, and the couple are left with a unique keepsake of the day. The symbolic pouring of coloured sands into a beautiful vase or a shadow box with layers of coloured sand added by other members of the family is a touching reminder of the vows made on the wedding day.

It is a visual symbolisation of the bride and groom joining together in marriage. If other family members are involved, it is a beautiful representation of two families coming together.

The candle ceremony is yet another option – and it’s the one with the most romance! So simple in accessories yet so deeply meaningful, you really should consider it for your ceremony.

Your choice of candles is limited only by your imagination – you can get them in any colour, shape or size. You can also get sets specially designed for this purpose, with personalisation options of your names, wedding date, or special message.

Just before the wedding vows, the parents of the couple come forward (or other family members, children) and light a candle for each. Then the Bride and Groom light the centre candle from these two outside candles. The Unity candle symbolizes the joining of their families, the merging of two individuals, and the creation of a blended family.

The Rose Ceremony incorporates this to symbolise the couple’s love for one another, and the joining in love of two families. The couple share two roses, and choose any number of family members they wish to take part, with one rose given to each.

To perform the Rose Ceremony, the couple set up three vases – one large central one, and two smaller ones on each side. The bride and groom hold one rose each of a chosen colour, usually red, and also give a single rose to the members of the family who will take part. At an agreed point during the ceremony, the couple place their roses one in each of the smaller side vases.

The family members then approach one by one and place their roses into the central vase. This symbolises the families of the bride and groom joining together. The bride and groom then take their individual roses and exchange them as their “first gift” to each other. They then place the roses in the central vase, to symbolise joining of their newly created marriage to their families.

“Ailsa was an absolute joy to work with, and she really made our ceremony, and the ceremony writing process so personal and emotive. She was fully invested in us as a couple, our wedding, and all the ups and downs of the set-backs we experienced during the pandemic. She was there for us every step of the way, and led a funny, light-hearted and heartfelt ceremony for us when we were FINALLY able to get married. We can’t recommend her enough as a genuinely warm-hearted and wonderful celebrant.”
Rosanna Stokes

“We would 100% recommend Ailsa for your wedding. From start to finish she was invested in and was supportive of us as she couple, which is above and beyond what we would expect, especially as we had a covid wedding too and it was STRESSFUL, so her support and flexibility meant a lot. She was so personable from the get go and got to know us, so that when it came to writing our ceremony, it was really personal and beautiful.  I genuinely don’t think the wedding would have been as beautiful without her input.”

Genevieve Brown

Vow Renewal

Wedding vow renewal ceremonies can be as creative and personal as you want them to be!

This ceremony is appropriate at any stage of marriage, but significant anniversaries are often thought to be especially poignant times for renewing your commitment and love.

Renewing your wedding vows can be meaningful, touching, and rejuvenating for you, your children, your family and friends. It is wonderful example to set for both your children and grandchildren, and the chance to commit to your enduring bond to each other as your loved ones watch on can be truly moving.

Unlike weddings, no legal paperwork is needed for a vow renewal. The ceremony can be conducted in banquet facilities, chapels, on yachts, out doors or in the privacy of a couple’s home, and whether you want a room full of guests or an intimate setting with just you two, we work around you. I will help you create that special day to be a perfect one like your first.

Naming Ceremony

Naming ceremonies are a beautiful way to welcome a child into your family and your world.

A name contributes to our identity and it is part of what makes us unique. This ceremony is perfect if you do not wish to hold a traditional christening in a church, but still want to mark the occasion in a special way.

A naming ceremony does not just have to be for infants. You could have one for your older children, or include your older children in the ceremony for the new addition to the family. Naming ceremonies are personal to you and your family, and will create a wonderful day that you will never forget.

The ceremony can be held at any venue; your home, outside, or even on a boat in any desired location. You will need to register your baby’s birth before the ceremony, and the names used must be those which are recorded on the birth certificate. You may want to have “Supporting Adults” who not only promise to give help and guidance to the child, but they also promise to be a support to the parents if they are in need.

I will work with you to ensure that your vision for the day is fulfilled and that you end it knowing that you have created treasured memories that you can cherish as your little ones grow.


When it comes to your proposal, it’s important to make sure everything down to the finest detail has been considered. What is your partner’s favourite flowers, wine, food, colours and music? You want this to be one of the most memorable and special days of both of your lives.

We will work with you to make sure everything is to your partner’s tastes. We will have a meeting to discuss your partners personality and from here we can come up with amazing ideas for the perfect proposal.

We know you’ll want everything to be a surprise, so we work with discretely via e-mail, SMS or Facebook messenger.

We set everything up for you ahead of the proposal, we send you directions and photos. Your partner won’t suspect a thing until you pop the question!


You Do

Wedding Planning

I want to exceed your expectations and deliver your perfect wedding day!

I Do You Do We Do is owned and operated by Ailsa Grindlay, a professional wedding planner, coordinator and event organizer. We specialise in beautiful weddings and transforming blank canvas venues into perfectly styled celebration spaces. We love creating stunning and bespoke events.

We have our own reputable suppliers who will all go above and beyond to ensure every detail is perfect and you will receive their fantastic discounted prices.

I am cheerful, enthusiastic, extremely organised and highly professional with an excellent eye for detail and above all, passionate about your wedding. Every event I organise is individually tailored, beautifully created and perfectly executed, ensuring you have a wonderful wedding day.  I take all of the stress away, leaving you to relax and enjoy each minute of your day, safe in the certainty that every aspect of the planning and organisation is expertly taken care of.

Wedding Planning Packages

This service is ideal to take all the stress away and worrying about planning your big day. I will be supporting you and guiding you through every stage of the planning process and you can have as much or as little involvement as you wish.

We will ensure all aspects of preparation for your wedding day are perfectly managed including; ensuring your budget is adhered to, finding the perfect venue, designing your theme, finding reputable suppliers, managing your guests list, making your appointments for tastings, flower arrangements and lots more!

I have created many weddings for couples that live abroad and cannot get to all the local venues or suppliers. I hold regular team meetings; keep you updated and even have you online as we walk around venues. You can be confident that the organization is fully taken care of on your behalf.

We will sit down with you for a complimentary consultation, where we can discuss your ideas and plans for your wedding day. For the complete wedding planning package, we charge 12-15% of your wedding budget depending upon size and complexity from £2,700.

This service is ideal for venues that only allow access to set up and decorate on the day of wedding, meaning I can do all the hard work for you whilst you relax and get ready with your friends and family.

I will be working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure the whole day flows seamlessly. I will meet with suppliers at the venue and co-ordinate so that everything will be in the perfect place ready for your arrival. In the run up to the wedding I will be available to support you, in person or over the phone.

Prices for on the day wedding coordination start from £650 for 8 hours. You can add extra hours if required.

We can come on board at any stage of the planning process. If you have started the planning and maybe booked a venue and now are stuck where to go, or what theme to choose, we can help you with your direction. Wherever you are with your planning we can help. As with all our services, we’ll start with a complimentary consultation, where we’ll talk through all of your planning to date and the ideas you have had so far, before producing a bespoke proposal for you.

Prices vary depending on which stage of the planning you have reached.

When you have planned every aspect of your wedding down to the tiniest sparkle, you don’t want to spend your last few weeks worrying about the little details, confirming everything with the venue and dealing with your suppliers. This package takes away all that stress and allows you to relax and enjoy your big day.

We will meet with you 8 weeks before your wedding day and we will obtain full details of your requirements for the day and all supplier contacts. We will produce a complete planning schedule for the day. Contact every supplier to run through final plans and confirm timings and manage the smooth running of the day itself and act as the main point of contact for all suppliers.

On the day itself we will make sure everything and everyone is just where is should be so you can spend your time with your family and friends and really enjoy every minute of your day. A member of the team will be on hand all day and will coordinate the set up and make sure the day runs smoothly.

Prices for countdown to your wedding day start from £850.

We are happy to help on any aspect of planning your wedding. We have an hourly rate of £55.00 per hour and we are happy to take away even the tiniest of tasks that may free up your time.

What We Can Do

We can help with every aspect of your big day.

We Do

Frequently Asked Questions

You may find the answers to your questions below and if not please call me anytime!

With a celebrant you can get married anywhere, the beach, your garden, in a hot air balloon; wherever your imagination takes you. You can create your own ceremony with no limitations on what you may want to express to each other with real meaning. You can incorporate children, friends, anyone you wish. With a celebrant you can truly have the ceremony of your dreams. Your celebrant should have no time restrictions for your ceremony.

Searching for your celebrant can be daunting and you do need to feel a connection with the person who will conduct your ceremony. Start with calling at least five celebrants and listen to the way they speak. Ask yourself if you like there voice, tone and manner. The initial phone conversation can tell you a lot about a person and you will get an instinctive first feeling about the celebrant. Your ceremony is the most important part of your day; there are excellent celebrants and unsatisfactory celebrants. It is important you meet with your celebrant and discuss how they will work with you. Your celebrant should offer you quality time to create your ceremony and rehearsal times. Make sure when you have the first conversation with your celebrant to check availability of date and time.
This is something we recommend at I Do You Do We Do. You need to feel happy and comfortable with the person who is going to conduct your ceremony. You will know if you have warmed to him/her. Do not feel after face-face meeting that you have to go ahead with this celebrant.
You can request that your celebrant wears whatever you want. I am happy to dress in the same colours as the bridal party or in smart attire or in a particular outfit. You want the focus on you so we advise that you request your celebrant not to stand out at your ceremony.
You can have your ceremony at any time you want the worlds your oyster!
As soon as possible! Most celebrants are booked out a year in advance. You can book at late notice and we will work with you to create your perfect ceremony under limited time.

The ceremony component is probably the lowest cost of your whole day so don’t spoil your day to save a few pounds. Have the celebrant that you loved the most. At the most there should only be £100 difference or thereabouts between celebrants.

Fees depend on location; we have a set fee of £395 for a bespoke ceremony and no travel charge within a 50 mile radius of NP18 after that a mileage charge will be added.

50% non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking. A booking form must be completed and emailed or posted back to guarantee your booking. Balances outstanding must be paid 4 weeks prior to ceremony date.

You will receive:

  • A consultation meeting.
  • A second consultation meeting if required.
  • Unlimited calls, emails and Skype meetings.
  • 24 hour support and guidance.
  • Provided with numerous poems and readings.
  • Examples of vows and ceremonies.
  • A tailored ceremony created just for you.
  • A beautiful certificate.
  • Rehearsal of your ceremony with your bridal party.
I will arrive an hour before the start time of your ceremony and leave when no longer required.
Your ceremony is the most important of that day and only one will be held that day.
You can choose anything you want to put in your ceremony. I will give you advice and guide you on vows and readings but this is your ceremony and we will create it the way you want just for you!
Anyone can have a wedding planner. We are here for anyone who would like a beautiful wedding and that may need help and guidance regardless of your budget.
We create a bespoke package for you that will fit into your budget.
We have excellent contacts in the industry and we always find the supplier right for your budget and pass on any discounts.
An in-house wedding coordinator has a priority to the venue and are not responsible for helping you in the lead up to the wedding day. They also cannot offer assistance to weddings that are conducted outside the reception venue.
Anywhere your imagination takes you! From your home to the beach by the ocean, or in the woods, it is completely limitless!
Absolutely, we do not treat second marriages any differently to a first marriage.

At present in England and Wales only registrars can legally complete the paperwork for the marriage documents. This part remains separate to your wedding ceremony.

You can arrange to visit your local register office to formalise the paperwork. You can do this before your wedding ceremony, on the day, or days before, or even after your ceremony celebration. If the venue where we are holding your ceremony is licensed you can pay for the registrar to come to this venue, and follow straight into your ceremony. You do not have to exchange rings with the registrar and it can be as straight forward as a few lines and a signature.

Most couples do this wearing just jeans and have no guests attending at the Register Office. Your guests will not even know your bespoke wedding ceremony does not include the legal registration.

• An authority for the marriage is issued by the Superintendent Registrar, and you are free to get married in any district by submitting your completed marriage notice forms to the Registrar of Marriages in the area of your choice for marriage.
• Arrange your legal marriage ceremony whenever you want – before or after your wedding ceremony – on the day itself, or a day or two before.
• The marriage ceremony at the Register Office will take approximately 15 minutes.
• You will be required to repeat a legal declaration.
• You do have to not exchange rings. This will be done after saying your vows at the Wedding Celebration Ceremony.
• The marriage register is signed by you both and your two witnesses.
I am not affiliated to any religion, but I do have one belief and that is all ceremonies and weddings are about love and you deserve the most memorable day. Religious elements can be included into any ceremony if you wish.

“Poppy and I were due to get married before lock down (March 21st 2020) we were only able to have 8 people at our actual wedding day. So we decided that we still wanted to have “our day”. We came across Ailsa and got in touch straight away. A few changes down the line we eventually got to have our day in late September, Along the way Ailsa was kind, caring and happy to help with what ever we needed. On the day Ailsa delivered the ceremony perfectly and it was better than poppy and I had expected. She put me at ease while I was waiting for Poppy and our vows were perfect. We would absolutely recommend Ailsa to anyone for their special day! Thank you so much!”

Ashley Frost

“Ailsa was an absolute dream to work with – 10 for 10 would be married by her again! We hired her with only 6 weeks notice to officiate our wedding, and she worked tirelessly (and so collaboratively) to make sure that our ceremony was a personal reflection of us. She clearly has a huge amount of passion for her work, and we couldn’t have hoped for better expertise. More than that though, she was just fun to work with – even though we didn’t give her much time, by the day of our wedding it felt like we were being wed by a friend. I can’t imagine anyone better for the job, and am so grateful we chose to work with Ailsa. My husband and I would be happy to share more if anyone considering her Is looking for a reference.”

Mo Shee


I Do You Do We Do is based in South Wales, but there are no limitations on where I will travel.

What I have learnt after speaking to people all over the world is that you get a feel for the right person, you will be having the conversation along the lines of: “He sounded so nice…” “We didn’t like her accent” “he sounded too harsh” and so on…

When you speak to your planner you get that immediate feel. Everything needs to be perfect on your day and a significant part of this will be the person conducting your ceremony or helping you plan your day. This is why I am committed to travel to any location. The only time I would say no to a ceremony is if I had another one booked at the same time. Please feel free to call me, even if it is just for advice. I am more than happy to help you on your journey.

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Feel free to call or email directly using the buttons below or, alternatively, fill in the contact form below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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